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How to get bodysuit to fit curves better?

How to get bodysuit to fit curves better?

Bodysuits are one-piece wonders that look like a swimsuit or leotard and offer support, flexibility and many styling options. No wardrobe is complete without a bodysuit.

For casual or for work, bodysuits are a great way to incorporate into your day-to-day dressing.

Everyone can rock a bodysuit.  This shaping undergarment are available in many designs and function differently.

Some offer more compression on the tummy while others offer more support around the buttocks and thighs.

It is important to select a bodysuit according to the areas that you want to hide or enhance.

A bodysuit creates a smooth look all the way from the chest down to the thighs. It is a great solution when wearing a figure-hugging outfit.

If you have never owned a bodysuit, wearing a bodysuit may sound new but it is nothing complicated.

Just put on this lower belly shaper just like how you would wear a fitted top and close the hooks or snaps at the crotch and you are all set.

There is no need to wear bras or panties when wearing a bodysuit.

It can be worn just on its own and tucked in seamlessly to whatever bottoms you choose to pair it with or as a layering piece.

How To Find The Right Bodysuit That Fits Better

Whether you are looking to flaunt your body’s natural curve or to smooth any bulges when wearing a tight outfit, the magic of a shapewear bodysuit can change how you dress.

The confidence-boosting shaping garment can hug your curves from the shoulder to the crotch or down to the thighs.

Below are some of the things to consider when choosing a bodysuit.


The length of the bodysuit is the first thing you have to consider.

Do you have a short torso, long torso or average?

You would want a bodysuit with enough length to cover you without riding up or being too baggy.

Take the right measurement using a tape measure and follow the size chart on the website.

Where You Are Going To Wear The Bodysuit  

When selecting a bodysuit, you may also need to consider where you will be wearing it. 

Also what you would like to wear the bodysuit with is just as important as it will help you to decide if the fabric, design and color are appropriate.

For summer, you may want to consider a short sleeve thong bodysuit or mesh bodysuit that will keep you cool.

They are also good as layering piece to keep you warm in the cold months.

Shaping Bodysuits You Can Buy Now

Below are some of the best-selling bodysuit shapewear that is available at Shapellx. 

Take advantage of the shapewear sale and add these onto your cart now.

Lace Underwire Bodysuit

Light and comfortable, this stretch-lace underwire bodysuit goes completely unnoticed under clothing.

It features soft underwired cups, V neck design and low cut U-shape back that is ideal of dresses with low back design.

Made to flatter the body’s natural curves, this sexy and romantic floral bodysuit offers support from the bust to the upper thighs and buttocks.

It has adjustable shoulder straps for better fit.

Scoop Tank Thong Bodysuit

One of the popular bodysuits, this tank top piece is made with recycled fabric and offers strong sculpting panels on the waist and tummy for 360-degree shaping.

Its side coverage eliminates overspill and the bonded flat edges along the shoulders, neckline and hem offers a comfortable no-dig feel.

This best shapewear piece is compressive and supportive, while still seamless underpants and skirts.

Full Body Tummy Control Bodysuit

Enhance your shape and create a flawless foundation for your clothes with this full body tummy control bodysuit.

Experience comfort and all over support from the bust to the thighs with this mid-thigh length body shaper. It holds the core in, shapes and lifts the bust and chest.

What’s not to love about this shaping garment?

Made from breathable mesh material, it will contour the curves perfectly while allowing airflow and is comfortable for wearing all day. 

It has a crotch design for easy bathroom use. 

Image –

Lace Zipper Open Bust Shapewear

Comfortably shape, slim and smooth your hips, waist, back, and tummy with this lace bodysuit.

A form-fitting body shaper, this piece is expertly designed to be worn with your favorite bra. Its U-shape push up breast design makes your bust more attractive.

This wonderful all day thong shaper is invisible underneath any type of clothing.

It has a front zipper and hooks closure for an adjustable fit and offers long lasting waist-cinching effect. 

How to get bodysuit to fit curves better? ,How to get bodysuit to fit curves better?

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